Student Networking Emphasized Print E-mail
Monday, February 08 2010 00:00

IMI students from Northwestern, Louisiana State, Caltech, and UC Santa Barbara accompanied their advisors to China last October for the Second US-China Workshop on Nanostructured Materials for Global Energy and Environment.

In addition to taking part in workshop activities, US and Chinese students had the opportunity to room together and spend time getting to know one another. The Chinese students played hosts to the US visitors, accompanying them on excursions to historic Zhouzhang Water Village and Tianmu Lake.  US students vist historic Zhouzhang Water Village

"This type of student interaction is a very important part of global leadership development because it does more than anything else to cement relationships among our young researchers., says IMI Director, R.P.H Chang. "Spending time together helps students build lasting friendships and develop a truly global perspective." 

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