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The International Symposium on Solar Energy Conversion was held at the IUMRS International Conference in Asia in Chingdao, China

The purpose of this event was to Invite international experts to  exchange information on solar to electric energy conversion and solar to fuel energy conversion. 

Main topics included:
  • Energy and environment materials-solar cells;
  • Silicon solar cells
  • Dye sensitization solar cells;
  • Challenges in advanced solar cell development and manufacturing; Organic/ Inorganic Photovoltaic Thin Film Materials
The event was organized by: 
Prof. Shaoxiong Zhou          China Iron and Steel Research Group
Prof. Kung-Hwa Wei            Chiao Tung University(MRS-T)
Prof. Hui Shen                      Sun Yat-Sen University
Prof. Thuc-Quyen Nguyen    University of California at Santa Barbara  
Prof. Tiger Ma,                     Suntec Power, Shanghai, China
Prof. R.P.H. Chang               Northwestern University, USA
Dr. Qingbo Meng                 Institute of Physics, CAS, Beijing, China;

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