This was the second in a series of workshops jointly sponsored by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) and the US National Science Foundation (NSF) to address shared energy and environmental challenges.

The first workshop in this series, held in Evanston, Illinois in September 2008, generated a series of recommendations to improve US-China collaborations in these critical areas.The goal of this second workshop was to develop specific plans for implementing the recommendations produced during the first workshop. Six Chinese-US working groups were formed to develop specific implementation plans for collaborative research, facilities sharing, education, and cyber-infrastructure development.


Workshop deliverables included

  • A consolidated list of thematic areas for collaborative research
  • A list of research facilities to be shared or jointly developed by US and Chinese partners.
  • Recommendations for improving education programs and capabilities at the graduate, postgraduate and public levels.
  • A series of desirable cyber-infrastructure capabilities to support collaborative research, education, and networking.

It is hoped that this information will inform the establishment of joint funding programs by US and Chinese agencies.


Duan Weng , Tsinghua University, China

R.P.H. Chang, Northwestern University, US

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Second US-China Workshop