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Hosted and cosponsored by the Dalian University of Technology
September 26-30, 2011
The IMI-SEE has organized several US-China workshops.  The 3rd workshop resulted in a series of potential US-China research projects, including two with Dalian University of Technology called:

1) “Solar Applications of Assemblies of Functionalized Graphene Molecules”
2) “Electronic properties of molecularly ordered semiconducting polymers in thin films: interplay between experimental and computational studies.”
Goal of this institute: to foster these collaborative projects by organizing a series of regional events that will include faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students which will result in fully developed research projects and additional exchanges. 
The plan: The initial visit will be one week and will include a one and a half day program where the US faculty and Chinese counterparts will present talks on the specific research topic.  The US students will have an opportunity to attend classes at the university, visit the laboratories, and take local tours of the area.  The goal is to maximize interaction between the US and Chinese scientists and to give our Chinese partners some additional visibility.  

Expected outcomes: 1) A report on the visit written by the participating faculty and students that addresses both the scientific outcomes and cultural benefits, 2) the possibility of US faculty returning to China to teach short courses or seminars, 3) extended research visits by US graduate students to China, 4) a series of video seminars and short courses by US and Chinese faculty that will be made available to both sides and that will be archived for future viewing.
Local Host:
Man Yao, Dalian University of Technology
Man Yao, Dalian University of Technology
Duan Weng, Tsinghua University
R.P.H. Chang, Northwestern University

Chinese Lecturers:
Ping Chen, Dalian Institute of Technology
Chuang Dong, Dalian University of Technology
Jieshan Qiu, Dalian University of Technology
Mingliang Huang, Dalian University of Technology
Man Yao, Dalian University of Technology
Jijun Zhao, Dalian University of Technology
Wei Zhang, Dalian University of Technology
US Lecturers:
Mark Lusk, Colorado School of Mines
Evgueni Nesterov, Louisiana State University
Simon Phillpot, University of Florida
Alex Jen, University of Washington
US Graduate Student Participants:
Carlos Chavez, Louisiana State University
Bob Lochner, Colorado School of Mines
Jackelyn Martinez, University of Florida
Visa Information:
Visa application information for US participants can be found at the following page: Dalian Visa Instructions
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