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Since its inception, the IMI-SEE has held 3 large and 4 small workshops.  One of the goals of the IMI-SEE is to foster international collaborative projects by organizing a series of regional events that include US and Chinese faculty and graduate students.  Following is a description of the IMI-SEE workshops and their unique features. 

  • The first workshop organized under the auspices of the IMI-SEE was the Second US-China Workshop on Nanostructured Materials for Global Energy and Environmental Challenges.  It was held in Changzhou, Jiangsu, China.  It focused on developing specific plans for implementing collaborative research, facilities sharing, education and cyber infrastructure between US and Chinese Researchers. 
  • The Third US-China Workshop on Nanostructured Materials for Global Energy and Environmental Challenges was held in Beijing, China and its goal was to address shared challenges related to energy and the environment.  The workshop program emphasized discussion and project planning and participants were invited to make as many project matches as possible.  From these discussions 19 potential research collaborations were identified.
  • The Fourth US-China Workshop on Nanostructured Materials for Global Energy and Environmental Challenges invited delegates from China and the U.S. to discuss various aspects of Materials Science and Engineering and share best practices in international collaboration.
  • This fall we held four small, intensive US-China workshops.  Our goal was to hold workshops on more focused topics that would enable researchers to work in small groups to develop and write pre-proposals. The first day was devoted to lectures by US and Chinese researchers and the second day was dedicated to small group discussion.  The workshop at Sichuan University involved 3 US faculty and 3 US students.  It resulted in a plan for 2 of the US participants to hold a short course at Sichuan University during the summer of 2012.  The short course will be developed in the coming months. 
  • The workshop with Dalian University of Technology which involved 4 US faculty and 4 US students produced a pre-proposal for a project on Nano-structured Hybrid Inorganic/Organic Clusters in a Hierarchically Organized Matrix for Optoelectronics.  This pre-proposal will be developed into a full proposal that will be submitted by the US and Chinese researchers to their respective funding organizations. 
  • A workshop on dye-sensitized solar cells was held at Xiamen University.  The workshop included 4 US faculty and 2 US students.  During the discussion session, the participants collectively developed a joint pre-proposal on dye-sensitized solar cells.  This proposal will be further developed and submitted to funding agencies next year. 
  • We held a China-US Workshop on Energy and Environmental Materials at Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics (SINAP).  The 4 faculty and 4 students who attended worked with colleagues from SINAP to each develop pre-proposals that focused on research using the Synchrotron.  These pre-proposals will also be developed into full proposals that will be submitted to US and Chinese funding agencies. 

Our goal is to use complementary strengths in order to foster new collaborative research projects between researchers. Not only do we bring researchers and their students together in a workshop and/or conference setting but we want the workshops to serve as a mechanism for inspiring new ideas that will lead to joint proposals and eventually joint projects. Our IMI is distinct in the sense that we are trying to generate strong research and educational collaborations as a result of the workshops that we hold.

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